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Abstract. A method was developed to measure every minute the growth of a single segment excised from the elongating region of a plant. The method was used to determine the short term kinetics of growth in response to auxin addition. The method is not dependant on the use of hollow coleoptile tissue and the results are
Distribution and Regulation of Auxin in. Arabidopsis Root Cells. Sara V. Petersson. Faculty of Forest Sciences. Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology. Umeå. Doctoral Thesis. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Umeå 2011
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Title of Dissertation: THE ROLE OF AUXIN ON THE EVOLUTION OF EMBRYO. DEVELOPMENT AND AXIS FORMATION IN LAND PLANTS. DorothyBelle Poli, Doctor of Philosophy, 2005. Dissertation directed by: Professor Todd J. Cooke, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics. This thesis examined the role of auxin in the
EVALUATING POTENTIAL PLANT HORMONE CROSS TALK BETWEEN. AUXIN AND ETHYLENE IN ARABIDOPSIS. A thesis submitted to the Graduate College of. Marshall University. In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of. Master of Science in. Biological Science by. Mia Lynne Brown. Approved by.
auxin-dependent transcriptional activity of target genes. However, little is known about other partners of ARFs. The main objective of the thesis research project was to gain more insight on the involvement of ARFs in fruit development and ripening and to uncover their interaction with other protein partners beside Aux/IAAs.
The phytohormone auxin is related to almost all of these growth-related processes. In this thesis, I studied naturally occurring variation of growth-related traits in young Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings upon auxin treatments. In the context of adaptive selection, different quantitative genetic approaches were used and
To increase our insight in the mechanisms that regulate flooding-induced adventitious rooting, experiments were performed to determine the role played by auxin and ethylene. These two hormones are most commonly mentioned with regard to another example of adventitious root formation, i.e. the rooting of plant cuttings.

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