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An API, short for application programming interface, is a tool used to share content and data between software applications. APIs are used in a variety of contexts, but some examples include embedding content from one website into another, dynamically posting content from one application to display in another application,
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What are the Scopus APIs? Scopus APIs expose curated abstracts and citation data from all scholarly journals indexed by Scopus, Elsevier's abstract and citation database.
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The Text Analysis API will help you in extracting information from text. You can find the ... By using the Web Language Model (WebLM) API you are able to leverage the power of language models trained on web-scale data. You can ... Using the Academic API, you can explore relationships among academic papers, journals,
Usage of the PhilPapers API is subject to terms and conditions which severely restrict the redistribution of PhilPapers' data. Please acquaint yourself with our terms and conditions and contact us to discuss possible exceptions before developing any application. The Embedding API is designed to let third-parties embed

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